Mazz Oil Paintings - "inspired with passion, styled with a palette knife"

(see photo's below)   
- His Oil Paintings are collected worldwide and is known for Palette knife work, Bold Brush Strokes & Extreme Depth. "I like painting fast & loose, with lots of intricate details".  He first started selling his Artwork during the 1980's ....... MAZZ is a Purely Self-taught Artist whose influences were A.E. Backus, Harold Newton, Sam Newton & the Indian River School painters.  Mazz used to Hunt & Trap during the 1970's  "Growing up in the country, next to the Adirondack Mountains in Northern New York State, I fished, hunted and trapped on a regular basis.. . I used to check my muskrat, mink, raccoon & fox traps early in the morning - then walk a few more miles to school".  At 13 - 15, He sold the stretched skins to companies where they would be tanned and turned into fur coats. “I don't trap or hunt anymore, but I still fish and I paint nature.”

Florida.   As a young boy in the 1960's, Mazz would visit Florida with his parents. He loved the tropical beauty and the fishing.

1979 -1980  After high school, he borrowed a car and moved to FL with 2 friends. While living in Miramar FL in the winter of 1979 & 1980, Money was tight, trying to make it.  We couldn't afford rent in Ft. Lauderdale but found a cheap 1 room slum apt  and the teenagers worked odd jobs to avoid eviction. “I made a makeshift easel, cut wood boards and used a cheap handyman's brush”  and started painting Florida Seascapes. Selling them to tourists along the Hollywood and Ft. Lauderdale beaches , showing them in store parking lots and driving to different areas to show.   "I didn't know how to paint. I never had any art lessons! I love the tropical beauty of FL,  but I needed to survive and I needed to make money fast!.  I met other artists and knew that I had talent because I used to sketch fish and animals as a young boy"....... “Fishing, painting and pretty girls in Ft. Lauderdale,  what else can be better than that?  Well Miami area during 1980 became hectic,… Refugee Boat lift crises, criminal drug crimes, gang warfare & shootouts…….. it was getting dangerous in my neighborhood. Miami became the ”murder capital of USA".  Time to get serious and go to college!!!......"After College,  he moved to Jupiter FL. "He sold paintings at the Marina on Singer Island.  In 1987 he fished at the Jupiter Inlet daily and painted at night....Looking for unspoiled nature and other fishing spots, he moved to Hobe Sound and then St. Lucie county in the late 80's. He still fishes on a regular basis.

A.E. Backus 'BEANIE BACKUS' - Mazz used to visit him during the 1980's where he received 'intense inspiration to paint vibrant Florida landscapes and clouds'. “when I first became serious about painting, everyone told me that I must meet a person named Beanie Backus.  I drove to his house. I dressed up nice to show respect, but I soon realized I was overdressed.  I was greeted by Beanie and several other people.  I told them; ”I'm a painter !"... Beanie opened the door wide and said  ‘Come on in’. I was expecting a serious setting but it was the opposite.  Everyone was very laid back,  friendly and just hanging out, lounging around, not doing much of anything. They didn't ask me any questions or who I was.  I met a lot of different people there.  Beanie was thawing out a chicken on the table. … Each time I visited him he always treated me like an old friend. He made great food and gave me painting tips, ideas and inspiration". "His paintings were awesome !"  "On one occasion at Beanie's, I saw Jackie Brice and other artists there. I didn't know who she was at the time but…. Amazingly!, a few years later,  in 1989, my parents moved to FL and their house was being built - and I met a lady across the street and it was the same lady I saw at Beanies! was  Jackie Brice.  Over the years She invited me to her studio multiple times and gave many tips that she learned from Beanie.  She also wanted me to paint slower like Beanie and her."

NEWTON & HIGHWAYMEN -  Mazz's influences were A.E. Backus, Harold Newton, Sam Newton, Indian River School artists and Highwaymen. In addition to painting tips from Beanie Backus,  Mazz received Advanced training under Legendary Florida Artist SAM NEWTON. ....... Additional techniques he learned from Highwayman Robert Lewis, Gibson and other Highwaymen. .. . 'Sam Newton has been a tremendous influence and I've learned many advanced palette techniques  & brush strokes from him.  I naturally gravitated to the Newton brothers. Backus' style was more traditional, high quality and it took a long time and I always paint faster. - The Newton Brothers are also high quality and great painters too but used a Faster, less strict, looser technique with  lots of knife work, - But not as fast as other Highwaymen painters like Gibson, Al Black and others. The Harold & Sam Newton techniques fit into my own style naturally. I was already using some similar techniques but it opened up a whole new awareness of additional brush & knife work techniques."

FISHING, PAINTING & BILLIARDS  A Strong Believer in the Powers of the Mind and a need to make money.....He picked up a brush and started painting Florida's beauty. "I Painted like it was a Passion, like it was in my Blood - like I was Hypnotized. Hours fly by, you get lost in the painting, you don't think about eating or sleeping"  Year's later,  he also picked up a Pool Cue and become proficient.  Mazz has always loved Fishing and viewed his passions of Fishing, Painting & Playing Pool as being similar and said  "It's Imagination, Technique and it's All in the Stroke He won several trophies in Pool & played with Pool Champions, Steve Mizerak, Al Koklys and Ray Martin.  Unfortunately a serious spinal injury sidetracked him.

"BROKEN NECK STOPS FLORIDA ARTIST".. (See Photos below) After 2 major spinal surgeries to take pressure of his spinal cord and rebuild his entire cervical Spinal Column from C-2 to T1 with human bone transplants & titanium plates/screws in his spine.....Mazz has regained some of the feeling back in his painting hand. He paints now on a limited basis. "You can achieve almost anything if you put your mind to it - you just have to stay positive, focused, determined & always help others" 

STATES HIGHEST HONOR. Mazz received the Highest Honor in 1994 from the State of Kentucky. The Governor, Brereton C. Jones, Awarded Mazz the Highest Honor for his service and accomplishments.

FAMOUS COLLECTORS. MAZZ's ORIGINALS are collected by Several Famous People including: Rock Star; DAVE HLUBEK the Lead Guitarist of the Florida band, MOLLY HATCHET .   Hollywood Movie Actress CHRIS NOEL, who starred in movies with ELVIS PRESLEY, Steve McQueen.. (See photos below of Chris Noel below, also rock star Dave Hlubek).  Other collectors include, Florida Politicians, Entertainers, Florida State University FSU, Tallahassee..

MAZZ's  PARENTS  Mazz switched from selling his paintings along the road to using the internet. Around 2005, Steve and Maria helped him. His mother was the curator, communicating and meeting with FL buyers and his father shipped the paintings across the country to out of State buyers. His father also set up booths and various events . (see photo below). 

20th Century Fox Films   In 2015,   20th Century Fox Films hired Mazz to make paintings for producer Tim Burton & his movie Miss Peregrine Home for Peculiar Children. "It was a great experience but It was hectic. My Dad was in Jupiter Hospital with a life threatening illness and I'm visiting him daily from St. Lucie, then painting all night and driving back and forth to Tampa, where the movie set was".

MAZZ Art can be seen at Attorney's Offices,  Accounting Firms, Corporate & Private Art collections in the United States and across  Canada & Europe.

Method & Style with Made in the USA Materials;  Mazz believes in Quality, especially a Work of Art, which will last for Hundreds of Years.  He cuts and primes his boards. He uses Made in the USA Hardboards, Paints and Linseed Oil. He uses Italian Palette knives & his own technique for creating the 3D effects and dynamic impressions. Natural Hog Bristle brushes are used for the background work. He works in the 'Alla Prima' method'- completing the entire painting, from start to finish in one setting!  Mazz says: "I cut the board, prime it and either nail it on a piece of plywood, a dead tree or place it on the easel,  then I paint all my Energy & Artist Passion into it, then I stop and Never touch it again" ... "I visualize the scene, like a place that I want to fish at or hike through"........Mixing Technique;  Thick oil paint  - Impasto Style, sometimes mixed right on the board - with colors meshing together, giving it a wonderful effect. (as opposed to the traditional way of painting layers over dried paint) ...... 

 Magnificient Impressionist nature scenes;. MAZZ likes to add Flair to his paintings. He doesn't want his paintings to appear too realistic or photographic  He likes to 'bring out & highlight' a certain aspect of nature. Hence, a Spectacular Cloud scene, a Glorious fire sky, or a certain Tree which 'stands out' or radiates from the suns glowing rays.

SIGNATURE & SKETCH 'BLACK EGRET LOGO'  Mazz signs his paintings with either his knickname 'Mazz' or 'Mark Mazzarella'  Look for his Trademark 'Black Egret Logo' on the painting. He Also signs his Full Name and Logo on the Back...and sketches a fast unique design with a Permanent Marker.

DONATIONS:  The Artist believes in giving something back and has Donated his Art in order to help many causes including People with Disabilities, Wildlife Sanctuaries, 4H Auction Events.

MEMBERSHIP: Although Mazz has never had any formal Art Schooling, he's had Memberships with the prestigious NATIONAL ACADEMY MUSEUM & SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS, the NATIONAL OIL & ACRYLIC PAINTERS SOCIETY & the INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF MARINE PAINTERS.

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